Millage Holloway III

Campus Director and Business Manager

Millage Holloway III

Millage Holloway III serves as the Business Manager of Wayside Educational and the Campus Director for Atonement Academy in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. He brings over 20 years of leadership and management experience to the position.

Before working with Wayside Educational, Millage succeeded in retail management for companies such as AT&T and Transworld Entertainment, building and managing teams at locations up to 10 million dollars annually. He was consistently praised for his ability to solve complex customer issues, won several awards for sales achievement, and provided mentorship to his colleagues, which led to their promotions. He will use these experiences to help grow future leaders to impact their families and communities positively.

Millage’s motivation to leave the retail space comes from the belief that there is a gap in the current educational landscape that leaves children behind. He wants to explore ways to stand in that gap, as his father, Millage Jr., did for over thirty years as a teacher and administrator in the School District of Philadelphia.

Millage is also a long-time member of the Reformed Episcopal Church of Atonement, serving as Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Vestry member. He has also served on the R.E. Diocesan Board of Trustees since 2020.