Atonement Academy offers our innovative 3-year-then-internship curriculum in a college-style format, designed for the needs of today’s families, whether homeschooling or traditional schooling.

All of our non-math courses are appropriate for any high school student at the reading level or above and do not have any prerequisites. Our math courses use the popular Math-U-See curriculum, completely managed by us so homeschooling parents can release this responsibility as mathematics reaches higher skill levels.

Entrance Requirements

Please Note: Some waivers may be granted for exceptional students and circumstances.

1. Must be at least 13 to enter but not older than 15. Students normally enter in the fall semester, but may sometimes enter in the spring semester.

2. Must have passed Pre-Algebra with a strong A or B grade.

3. Must be able to read at approximately a 9 th grade level or higher.

4. Must have the self-control necessary to work independently and promote a peaceful, productive learning environment at all times.

Curriculum Summary

Atonement Academy operates on a three-year cycle of courses so that students will receive a total of 21 credits, including all credits needed for their high school diploma. Where feasible, we offer some courses in one semester that would normally be offered in two high school semesters, so students can hone in on a smaller amount of courses per semester, more like college than high school. High school math courses are offered simultaneously by ability groups using the excellent Math-U-See curriculum.

2021-22 in-person tuition rates


Type of Enrollment Monthly Rate (Sept – June) Annual Tuition
Part-time (7 courses, 2 days per week) $480 ($100 per additional day) $4800

2021-22 online only tuition rates


Type of Enrollment A la carte Full Program
Online (Friday only) $600 per class $3600 (seven classes)