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Atonement Academy’s core purpose is to train and deploy loyal servants of Jesus, equipped to lead cultural change at all levels of society. Students will be empowered by our curriculum and school format in ways that will dramatically raise their expectations and build their confidence.

The goal is to unleash mature, seventeen-year-old men and women into the “real world” as confident, knowledgeable, virtuous leaders who can be the change agents for a better society. Each graduate is guided into a servant leadership internship as a “gap year” experience that will set the tone for the rest of their lives.

Atonement Academy weaves together the strengths of four distinct and successful revolutionary movements in education to produce an optimal environment for early adults to flourish and mature into their God-given potential


Classical Education

Hybrid Model


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How will Atonement Academy impact my young adult?


Rather than the cafeteria of educational options within a school, creating clubs and cliques within a very large high school where it is easy to just feel like a number, Atonement Academy calls each student into a meaningful role and gives them plenty of opportunities to use and develop their personal gifts and talents in the pursuit of the good of themselves and of their classmates. If a young adult can do it rather than an older adult, we want the young adult to do it. This is what it means to give people the responsibilities needed for them to mature and feel the deep satisfaction of fulfillment of a purpose. Jesus taught us this way of education in the ways he formed his disciples (i.e. students).

If I were a parent, why would I send my young adult to Atonement Academy?

Atonement Academy provides a truly unique and excellent opportunity for your child to live up fully to his or her God-given potential. We provide this in a way that is both more effective and more affordable than other high schools, because our model is rooted in and uniquely weaves together four different strands of successful educational “revolutions”: homeschooling, hybrid or “university model” schools, micro-schools (under 150 total students, multi-grade classrooms), and classical education. We are also a parish school, rooted in the worship life of the global and ancient Church, so that we can provide the positive role models and spiritual formation that every child needs in addition to their parents to grow in Christ and into wise and virtuous adults.