Week #0 in Review

Sep 17, 2020

We had a great first week ever of Atonement Academy! (Since I consider a week to begin with the reading assignments, I think of this past week as Week #0.)

Just a few quick notes:

Stairs and entrance – The stairs directly in front of the Atonement Academy door (the one leading to the playground area) will be marked for non-use. One stair is very loose and a hazard. Please use the stairs at the corner of the property instead (involving some walking across the grass), and continue to use the same entrance/exit.

Face coverings/masks – I want to reiterate the requirement for everyone to wear a mask unless outside and able to socially distance. This includes family members picking up their students. It includes students moving through the building. The government requirement provides 10-minute breaks for students who are in a desk socially distanced from other students. Our desks are set up to allow this, but the mask, unfortunately, is required at other times. As a speaker, I have some flexibility at the front of the classroom, but I wear a mask whenever moving around the classroom or the building. Students are also allowed to remove their mask to eat and drink, but the mask should be replaced once eating is finished during the lunch break. We really want to keep meeting in person. By following these guidelines, we will be able to do so. We also need to be considerate of the other two groups using the building–the aftercare program and the parish members.

Morning Screening – We are implementing a procedure for the morning that will involve asking three questions to every parent/student upon arrival and requiring a signature. Please review the symptoms and guidelines at this link: https://www.montcopa.org/DocumentCenter/View/28389/Final-Version-COVID-19-School-Exclusion-Guide-002. It is important for everyone to pre-screen at home. When in doubt, it is best for a student to sit out that day.

Signed Forms – I will review whether we have all the forms needed and email you if any are still required.

Enjoy Labor Day! I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.


The Rev’d Andrew Brummett