History Course info

Aug 28, 2020

It was so nice to gather almost everyone at the back-to-school night.  Praise God that the rain held off until our program was finished.

In case you have any friends in the area or across the U.S. that may want to try out our curriculum at Atonement Academy or connect online with us, I wanted to pass along the syllabus for the online history course that I am also offering.  Students in this course will live stream the lesson on Tuesdays from our classroom but have a separate discussion section.  I know of some parents in NJ for whom Atonement is just too far of a drive at this time but who may come up occasionally.

This will be the general course format for the three reading-focused courses: catechesis, English, and history.  More next Tuesday!

In a separate email, I plan to send permission forms.

Looking forward to Tuesday!

The Rev’d Andrew Brummett